With AIMMS CO.S.A you can organise the maintenance of the network and E/M equipment & manage people’s request about damages more effectively

Management of requests / Request management

  • Easy problem declaration via

    a) telephone b) the CO.S.A website c) the mobile application

  • The technical direction/department has the control of the pending tasks and defines the priorities

  • The technicians receive task orders and record their actions

  • Citizens get updated directly for the process of the tasks

Infrastrusture recording

  • Complete infrastrusture recordin

    a)Pumping b)Drilling c)Purification plant d) Vehicles

  • Recording of the equipment' technical characteristics

  • Manuals and designs all in one place

  • Monitoring the failure history for any equipment

Maintenance organisation

  • Organising periodic maintenance programs and monitoring the calendar for its performance

  • Hierarchy and prioritisation of the department's tasks & monitoring the tasks' progress

  • Keerping a damage record/history and monitoring the E/M equpment

Material management

  • Recording the spare parts' codes for every storage and ability to take inventory

  • List of all suppliers and their offer for the supply of materials

  • Ability to organise the spare parts' supply through our software

  • Ability to organise the spare parts' supply through our software



  • You get to know what equipement you own and where it is placed

  • Document your communication with the citizen and you can "defend" the service against problems that arise

  • You reduce bureaucracy, and through simple procedures you have control of your daily routine.

  • More effective monitoring of the subcontractors and easy coordination of the CO.S.A technicians.

  • Effectively justify CO.S.A's needs and also take decisions faster and in a more trustworthy manner for interferences that must happen in the E/M equipment

  • Have control of the use of spare parts in stock

  • An accurate and honest recording of the current situation, which can point out the needs and priorites of CO.S.A

  • Simplification of today's processes and reduction of bureucracy

  • Simple recording of CO.S.A's E/M equipment to the degree that it will facilitate the department's daily needs

  • Assurance for the daily recording of citizens' requests

  • Collaboration with the responsible parties of the CO.S.A's Technical Department.

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