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ALUMIL SA, a leader in the field of aluminum extrusion, started a long-term cooperation with ATLANTIS Engineering, aiming through the organization of the technical department to introduce a new culture of cooperation in the field of production.

The simplification & computerization of the procedures, in combination with the targeted improvement in the critical production equipment and the adoption of the principles of the TPM, constitute the guaranteed recipe for successful results.

Operational Challenges Faced

Outdated software for maintenance management:

The old task management software used was difficult to maintain, created bureaucratic procedures, had little automation and lacked a mobile app to collect task data directly, accurately with ease.

Lack of a system for breakdowns notifications:

The technicians were notified by phone and tasks were not recorded immediately which created mis-communication between production and the maintenance department.

Lack of access to asset history:

Technicians could not access information of previous repairs and photos, files, drawings of the assets.

Our Solution

Automated software, with mobile app

AIMMS provided a solution for failures recording. Once an event that stops a machine occurs it is recorded as a ticket and the operator attempts to repair it. If the machine can be repaired by the operator, more information can provided on the repair and the ticket is closed, otherwise the operator sends this ticket as maintenance task to the technical staff. Technicians are notified through their mobile devices. AIMMS Mobile app is used to gather task execution data such as start-completion times, labour descriptions, personnel, photos, spare parts used etc.

Production requests

Equipment operators can declare their suggestions on improvements as tickets. Maintenance manager approves the ticket, which then is assigned-scheduled to technicians for execution. Again, AIMMS Mobile app is used to gather task execution data.

Preventive Maintenance

PM schedules entered in AIMMS create maintenance tasks based on the desired frequency. Technicians keep track of the PM tasks through their mobile devices.

Final Results

Automated solution for maintenance tasks tracking.

Trustworthy CMMS with many automations like mobile app, integrations, with PLCs and ERPs

Mobile apps for fast information recording by technicians.

Mobile apps for fast information recording by technicians.

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