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Industry sector: food industries, textile, metal, beverage, high tech, paper, building materials, etc.

“The needs and the increased maintenance costs of our production lines in operation 24/7 require a well organized process.

Effective implementation of preventive maintenance and organization of the spare parts warehouse with thousands of codes has always been a goal for our company. Today, after four years of implementation of AIMMS we managed to organize a warehouse of active codes and limit failures that focused on common and essential problems…„ fibran 250x250

Alexandros Tsogkas,
Plastic Division Technical Manager – Chief of Maintenance

“...ATLANTIS Engineering has been a reliable solution to the smooth introduction of TPM in our company. Mentoring executives ensured maximum results in the project, guarding us against many failures…„ bic 250x250

Georgiou Giorgos,
General Facilities & Shavers Plant Maintenance Manager

"We signed for the AIMMS Web & Mobile system last February. We wanted to achieve complete operational excellence in reference to the daily maintenance requests received from each of the buildings that we manage. Earlier all maintenance activities received were recorded manually​ on a complaint register book​. We used to handle the sudden breakdown requests of the assets/machinery as and when we receive the requests. Now with the AIMMS system, a CMMS software, we are able to manage all tasks properly and all details are recorded on to the AIMMS system which is installed on the Cloud. We are able to plan well in advance for the preventive maintenance of all the major important assets in each of the buildings and this is helping us to avoid sudden breakdown. ​The client also has access to the system and is able to see the details of each of the requests logged on to the system on a daily basis. ​Mr. Jojy Thomas came to Bahrain to train us and to plan the project phases for the AIMMS implementation. We are very happy with the support that we have received so far, and also the cooperation that we are receiving from the Greece Team. Looking forward to future support in reference to further simplifying the daily operational tasks, like automating the billing ​system ​for each of the consumers/tenants every month end. I am more than happy to recommend them and wish them all the success of their future projects.​"      

Kiran Kumar – Operation Manager,


Services sector: Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Shopping Malls, Technical Support Companies etc.

“…ATLANTIS Engineering is for us the ideal partner in our effort to achieve high levels of performance of the Technical Services of our chain of hotel units…„ sani-testimon

Milonas Athanasios,
Maintenance and Asset Manager

“...supporting more than 40 data centers, with main object the monitoring, maintenance, support and operation of critical electromechanical infrastructure, the management needs and mainly planning of our work is a very demanding and complex process. AIMMS simplified significantly the problem and contributed to upgrade the level of our service in order to meet the critical installations that we support …„ lamda 250x250

Kantaros Dimitris,
Data Centers Operations Manager


Networks sector: telecoms, energy, ports, fleet management companies, etc.