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Condition Based Maintenance

The early detection of deterioration processes through the retrieval and interpretation of equipment measurements, may lead to a significant reduction in maintenance costs and lower the risk of the occurrence of undesired failures. Nowadays, CBM is supported by mature technologies holding a dominant position in the mix of maintenance strategy of every company seeking for excellence in maintenance.

Whether installing permanent sensors or using mobile devices, mainly for vibration measurements, the CBM consultants of ATLANTIS Engineering ensure the operation of a reliable fault diagnosis and, very often, prognosis system.


  • Equipment Criticality Analysis
  • Failure Modes (FMECA) analysis, selection of monitoring parameters
  • Selection of measurement methodology, system development
  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Design, installation, configuration
  • Interpretation of results – Preparation and distribution of data reports
  • Personnel training
  • Uninterrupted support, even after the completion of the CBM system implementation and deployment


Advantages / Results

  • Experienced team of engineers involved in international and domestic CBM projects
  • Effective use of existing resources
  • Increased availability
  • Faster and more reliable decision making