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It is very important for a company to know its weaknesses and strengths. It is also important to realize its position within the ambient market environment, and to be guided effectively in a systematic effort for continuous improvement.

mainDSS is the appropriate tool to cover the above needs. Comprising a web-based platform of collective knowledge on Maintenance and Asset Management issues, it provides automations in terms of three main modules:

1. Auditing – Following international standards, mainDSS captures and evaluates the technical department’s performance by collecting automatically the required data from every company’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

2. Benchmarking – Compares, worldwide, the efficiency of the company’s technical department in all fields of asset management with both the average and the exemplary world class values.

3. Consulting –Provides, in a hierarchical manner, prioritized recommendations for improvement, based on the results of assessment and on comparative data in all thematic areas of asset management.


  • There is no need for the physical presence of a Maintenance consultant
  • Automated data retrieval from company’s CMMS (Availability of ready to use Plug-ins)
  • Worldwide Asset Management Benchmarking database
  • Automated e-consulting for Asset Management