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Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

Usually, maintenance is considered as a “black box” in enterprises. The use of KPIs is necessary, not only for the better management of the technical department, but also for establishing a “common language” between the technical staff and the financial management, thus promoting the mutual understanding of the real needs.

Choosing KPIs based on international standards (EN 15341, ISO 14224, VDI 2893) ensures, on the one hand, the correlation between monitoring requirements and measured parameters and, on the other hand, creates the framework for the comparison of the company’s performance with similar companies through international databases.

Main categories of indicators:

Technical (Equipment availability / performance, maintenance strategy mix, etc.)

Economic (Costs, stock levels, contractors, etc.)

Organizational (Personnel efficiency, training, procedures, etc.)


  • Choice of the appropriate indicators according to the company’s targets
  • Consulting services on the definition of indicators and parameters to be considered
  • Support in defining the appropriate procedures for reliable data collection and calculation of indicators
  • Assessment of the reliability of the measured indicators
  • Support during the maturing process of the indicators’ calculations framework