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Our philosophy

If Maintenance has evolved in the 20th century into a tool to support enterprises’ profitability and competiveness, in the 21st century it will certainly become an essential pillar for sustainable development worldwide.

ATLANTIS Engineering supports this vision, by planning solutions that contribute to this global effort.

Currently, only in Europe, over € 1,500 billion is annually spent for infrastructure and equipment maintenance and more than 40 million employees work in the maintenance field. If one considers that the consequences of poor maintenance increase the direct maintenance cost by 5 times, the VALUE hidden in this activity is easily understood and appreciated.

Nevertheless, many companies, even the big ones, currently don’t take full advantage of best practices in maintenance; essentially “sacrificing” the benefits of a more effective operation of their infrastructure.

Only a mid-term holistic maintenance approach can guarantee the sustainable operation and results.

In such a model, the technical director is required to gradually obtain a comprehensive view of his maintenance department structure and priorities, by linking them with the strategy and the targets of the company. Only in this case he or she will be able to decide the mix of cost, risk and performance that will create the maximum value for the company.

The key in this effort is the equal development of all asset management pillars (Organizational Context, Leadership, Planning, Resources, Operation, Performance Evaluation, Improvement) [ISO 5500χ].

The above is the cornerstone of the product suite offered by Atlantis Engineering, towards achieving excellence in the maintenance field.