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Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance

ATLANTIS Engineering applies a holistic method that transforms TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) into a road map for achieving World Class Manufacturing.

TPM pillars provide the structure to clarify and enrich everyone’s role, from the top management to the shop floor workers, by creating an efficient team without gaps and overlaps.

Everybody knows what needs to be done and how to do it right from the first time..

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TPM club

Total Productive Maintenance ClubTPM as a World Class Manufacturing tool might even be a necessity for companies that work in the global competitive environment.

The success of a TPM program is based, beyond the specific methodologies implementation, on ideas production, inventiveness, innovation. Its content and boundaries expand within production areas on a daily basis. New ideas and new practices are daily produced by each TPM group in each separate factory.

It is obvious that the systematic communication between these TPM groups could act as a catalyst for even more successful and effective operation of TPM in each company.

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Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

Maintenance KPIs

Usually, maintenance is considered as a “black box” in enterprises. The use of KPIs is necessary, not only for the better management of the technical department, but also for establishing a “common language” between the technical staff and the financial management, thus promoting the mutual understanding of the real needs.

Choosing KPIs based on international standards (EN 15341, ISO 14224, VDI 2893) ensures, on the one hand, the correlation between monitoring requirements and measured parameters and, on the other hand, creates the framework for the comparison of the company’s performance with similar companies through international databases.

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Condition Based Maintenance

Condition based Maintenance

The early detection of deterioration processes through the retrieval and interpretation of equipment measurements, may lead to a significant reduction in maintenance costs and lower the risk of the occurrence of undesired failures. Nowadays, CBM is supported by mature technologies holding a dominant position in the mix of maintenance strategy of every company seeking for excellence in maintenance.

Whether installing permanent sensors or using mobile devices, mainly for vibration measurements, the CBM consultants of ATLANTIS Engineering ensure the operation of a reliable fault diagnosis and, very often, prognosis system.

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