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Maintenance Consulting

Specialized executives of Atlantis Engineering, in a wide range of Maintenance and Asset Management, can enhance each project team and bring added value to the efforts of the executives of each company.

Change Management

Behind every maintenance project, people are hiding who are asked to change “habits” such as implementing a new procedure or operating new software.

Project Management

Proper project management can guarantee adherence to schedules, coordination of team members and avoid duplication of work.

Software Support

The success of any IT project in maintenance area requires the integrated provision of such services throughout the project cycle.

Maintenance Seminar

The development of an integrated series of seminars in Maintenance & Asset Management issues comes to support business executives who want to be introduced and developed in modern methodologies and practices internationally implemented.

Annual Maintenance Conference

Every year, since 2004, ATLANTIS Engineering organizes Maintenance Forum, a conference – institution in the area of maintenance / asset management.