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11th Maintenance Forum took place on 12-13 October in Athens with the participations of more than 200 CEOs, Plant Managers and Technical Managers. The annual “maintenance appointment” organized by ATLANTIS Engineering in collaboration with HMS outlined the trends that will prevail over the next decades and the major changes that will be made in the field of industrial maintenance from the weakening of traditional operating models, the ever increasing use sensors, cloud computing and the future advent of robots.

Participations of Companies

The President of EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), Mr. Vamvlis Kosmas, developed the actions that took place at European level to promote maintenance as a tool for business competitiveness, and presented the EFNMS working groups, who work systematically on the knowledge management in Maintenance KPIs, Asset Management, HSE, Training and Certification.

Keynote Speaker& Presentations

 The Keynote Speaker of the conference, Marco Clerici, export manager of MITSHUBISH, focused on the need of further exploitation in mature technological solutions in the field of Condition Based Maintenance. The direction of predictive maintenance as opposed to time-based maintenance and corrective maintenance is a one-way route for a consistent and sustainable reduction in maintenance costs.

The Chairman of HMS and General Manager of ATLANTIS Engineering, Mr. George Efremidis, focused on the need of applying holistic maintenance organization models, such as TPM, to a continuously automating work environment. The job market for unqualified workers is constantly shrinking. Within the next 10-20 years, according to a study by Oxford University, 40% of jobs in the Western world will be replaced by Robots, making the need for a steady increase in employee skills more than obvious.

A large number of Greek industry executives focused on presentation of good practices from the day-to-day operation of maintenance departments, successful energy-saving models, and the adoption of integrated training systems for workers on technical issues. Finally, a central part of the conference highlighted the special importance of safety and hygiene in maintenance work, which has the second highest risk in the work map.

Workshops on KPIs, TPM, HSE,SMED

On the first day of the conference, executives from  ATLANTIS Engineering held three of the four Workshops. The themes focused on TPM methodology, mobilizing all participants to adopt holistic organizational models. In a special workshop, the SMED tool was presented, through practical examples that can lead to a systematic reduction for maintenance and set-up work. Special attention was paid to the workshop for maintenance monitoring indicators according to the European standards EN 15341. Finally, an innovative workshop on the risk assessment of maintenance work was carried out by the Chairman of the EFMNS H

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