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How can AIMMS help you organize the
daily maintenance of your hotel?

Recording of issues from clients – Reception – Housekeeping

Immediate notification to the techincal department

Execution of tasks by technicians

Tracking of pending issues from the management

Performance Reports

AIMMS Features

Creation of a facilities registry

Mapping in tree format of the hotel, hotel rooms and functional areas

Documentation of E / M equipment and vehicles

Record of technical characteristics

Attach drawings, certifications and guarantees

Workflow monitoring

Report issues from housekeeping, reception and managers

Attach photos

Automatic notifications and assignment of tasks to technicians

Monitor the progress of the tasks in real time

Organization of preventive maintenance

Notifications and schedule of preventive maintenance tasks

Checklists and daily measurements in the premises of the hotel

Monitor maintenance contracts with contractors

Control of materials and spare parts consumptions


Source of issues recorded

Technicians Response Time

Your benefits with AIMMS are

Control of Maintenance Cost

Faster repair of failures

Elimination of bureaucracy

Faster and more reliable communication between the departments

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