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ATLANTIS Engineering at the International Maintenance Conference of Arab Countries – OMAINTEC!

The 19th International Operations & Maintenance Conference in the Arab Countries ( was successfully achieved and it was conducted this time in a hybrid way. This year’s theme was the Digital Transformation and the Future of Maintenance Management” and there were numerous participations of domain experts, engineers, scientists, and representatives of industry, while interesting speeches, highlighted the latest technologies and developments in the field of mechanical operation and maintenance from all over the world.

Cosmas Vamvalis, ATLANTIS Engineering CEO and Chairman of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS), participated in the opening ceremony of the OMAINTEC – (, along with the Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs & Housing of Saudi Arabia, which took place in Riyadh of Saudi Arabia.

The presentation of ATLANTIS Engineering

George Efremidis, General Manager of ATLANTIS Engineering and President of  Hellenic Maintenance Society (, along with Athanasios Naskos, Chief Innovation Officer of ATLANTIS Engineering presented at the OMAINTEC Conference new Maintenance Management methods based on data analysis, as well as techniques for estimating the remaining useful life of the machines.

During their speech, an over-sampling technique inspired by the field of animation was presented. The over-sampling technique was adapted appropriately to the field of Industry 4.0, as well as a pattern detection technique for the automatic export of product production cycles from the continuous signal of the sensors. The combination of these techniques was used in the preparatory actions of estimating the remaining useful “life” of the machines, supplying data to a neural network. The techniques presented, are integrated and applied through the Smart Maintenance Platform – Sibyl, product of ATLANTIS Engineering, in real industrial case studies.

The presentation highlighted the business benefits of further automation, focusing on early detection and fault forecasting, making the ongoing transition from Fault Management & Repair to Predictive Maintenance and entry into Industry 4.0 Maintenance Era a priority.

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