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The 12th Maintenance Forum «opens» the gates of Industry 4.0 in Greece and once again moves the wheel towards the sustainable and competitive organization of the technical departments.

Goal of Maintenance forums

The constant goal of the Maintenance  Forum remains to highlight the importance of maintenance in the efficient and safe operation of electromechanical equipment of industrial installations, as well as to organize the maintenance of buildings as a whole. Besides, in times of recession, the challenge for all companies is to reduce operating costs, improve the quality of services provided, ensure reliability of their equipment and maximize their efficiency.
Recognizing the need for businesses to update and enhance their communication, Hellenic Maintenance Society, ATLANTIS ENGINEERING and Boussias
Communications with Plant Unit are organizing the 12th Maintenance Forum, where good maintenance practices for maintaining electromechanical industrial
equipment and building facilities will be presented. Experts from Greece and abroad will convey valuable knowledge and experience.

Conference Themes

The main thematic pillars of the Forum will follow the most up-to-date
maintenance trends:

  • Industry 4.0: Technology in the service of diagnosis and prediction of
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): A tool for achieving World Class
  • Maintenance Technology & Software: Using modern methods,
    technologies and tools to improve the performance of a technical
  • Asset Management: Expanding the technical department’s role from
    maintenance in the overall equipment management

The individual issues to be discussed will include the following points:

  • Operation and maintenance. From traditional to modern forms of
  • Sensors to measure the «health» of the equipment. From measurement to
    diagnosis and from diagnosis to prediction.
  • Measurement and control of maintenance services based on international
  • Maintenance cost-benefit analysis for optimal maintenance strategy.
  • Business operations management (logistics, human resources services).
  • Health and safety in maintenance work, a high-risk area.
  • Education and training in the field of maintenance. Necessary
    qualifications, skills-knowledge certification.

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