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IKOS OCEANIA, a member of IKOS Resorts – one of the largest hotel groups in Greece – implements AIMMS Mobile in the maintenance  technical department.

How did AIMMS Mobile enhance the procedures in the hotel’s technical department?

AIMMS Mobile has come to complete the use of ATLANTIS Engineering’s AIMMS Web Maintenance Software, which has been used in the group since 2014. Nowadays, maintenance technicians use their mobile devices exclusively to eliminate bureaucracy. Specifically:

  1. Housekeeping workers immediately declare the problems they find during their visit to the rooms. In fact, they can document the problem through and take photo features.
  2. Technicians are immediately aware of any new damage, by audio messages and / or push notifications, having full access to information, drawings, photos.
  3. At the touch of a button the technician declares the taking and starting of a task, automatically informing all his colleagues.
  4. The reception receives knowledge of the progress of each work, and can inform hotel customers directly and responsibly, without requiring intercommunication with the technical department

AIMMS Mobile provides a definitive solution to the problem of communication between various parts of the hotel, eliminates the possibility of delaying or disregarding critical tasks, and finally gives the management a documented picture of the smooth operation of the technical department and immediate customer satisfaction.

The use of AIMMS Mobile is gradually being extended to the other hotels of the IKOS Resorts group.

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