AIMMS Web for Technical Companies.

Manage your clients’ maintenance tasks effectively and have the cost control of every year

What will you get?

  • Organised recording of your tasks and facilities

  • Monitoring the preventative maintenance of every facility and equipment in every project with the possibility of updates for the next tasks

  • Ability to assign tasks of preventative maintenance and emergency tasks for your technical staff. The technicians are notified for the tasks that are assigned to them

  • Cost control for the maintenance of every project, with a charge per hour or per project or per spare part and technicians' salaries

  • Verification of technicians' tasks through photographs and constant updates of their progress


How does AIMMS function in technical companies

  • Record every task in the software, as well as the preventative maintenance that is required in every project

  • Your clients call you in case of an unfortunate damage and you record it in the software

  • Your organise and assign tasks to your technicians

  • The technicians receive a notification for every task that is assigned to them and based on the urgency of the issue, they execute the respective task with photographic proof of the damage before and after the repair

  • The technicians complete every task and you can see at the end the total cost of spare parts andconsumptions as well as the duration of its repair. In this way, every month or year you can valuate the final cost of your clients' contracts depending on your work for every task

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