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About Enafsi P.C.

For over 10 years, Enafsi has been among the largest companies in the Facility Management sector in Greece, offering high quality technical and construction services. Its clientele includes leading Greek and multinational companies with facilities in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. Enafsi has more than 50 permanent staff and cooperates with certified companies throughout Greece, for the support and maintenance of large building complexes, photovoltaic parks and electromechanical installations.

Since 2018, Enafsi has installed and operates the maintenance software (CAFM/CMMS) AIMMS.

Dealing with operation challenges

Absence of client facility registry

The ever-increasing number of customers and the demanding facilities they had, made it imperative to record all of their E/M assets and keep detailed data on each of them.

Absence of a customer request management system

The multitude of customer requests, and the involvement of many company employees in their service, required the design and support of a structured work flow to ensure the integrity and quality of the services offered.

Difficulty in monitoring large Projects

Taking on increasingly larger projects by the company, each requiring the execution of a large number of tasks, was a challenge for each person in charge of the project. It was necessary to know at all times the progress of their projects and to control the implementation costs.

AIMMS Solution

Tree structure of facilities per customer

AIMMS software enabled us to record our entire customer base in detail. In addition, for each customer, a tree structure was used to show the facilities available and the electrical and mechanical assets installed in each facility.  Now, for each customer, information such the validity of contract, technical characteristics of asset, photos, etc. is directly accessible.

Processes automation

All requests are now recorded by the call center in a structured way in AIMMS. The managers of each project have the ability to plan their work and prepare the materials and tools required. At the same time, the entire preventive maintenance plan for customers has been “uploaded” to AIMMS and the corresponding work orders are issued automatically. Every day more than 25 technicians receive the tasks assigned to them on their mobile devices. From the same devices, in a simple and direct way, they update the progress of their work (Start-Completion) and declare the spare parts they used. Now, project monitoring has become an easy routine.

Streamlined Customer Experience

Through AIMMS’ personalized portal, customers can directly register their Maintenance Requests. They can also monitor the progress of their requests and receive a notification when their work is complete. This has dramatically reduced time spent on unnecessary communications, and the customer feels in control of their projects and the quality of service they deserve.

Reliable KPI monitoring

Through AIMMS, a multitude of reliable reports and indicators are generated, allowing for better evaluation of the technical team’s performance as well as assessing the profitability of each project. Amongst others, the work order response time and adherence to the maintenance schedule is measured.



85% reduction in time for monitoring tasks

40% reduction in overdue maintenance tasks

Improved communication with customers

Control of time schedules in large projects

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