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What is the Hellenic TPM Club?

The Hellenic TPM Club was an initiative of ATLANTIS Engineering that aims to disseminate knowledge and exchange best practices. Engineers who apply TPM in practice share their experiences with colleagues from other companies and develop the results and practical application of TPM.

Why a TPM Club is necessary

TPM as a tool to achieve World Class Manufacturing may now be a necessity for companies that want to cope with the global competitive environment

The success of a TPM program is based beyond the application of specific methodologies, on the production of ideas, ingenuity, innovation. Its content, and its limits are expanding

It is apparent that the systematic communication of these teams can be the catalyst for the even more successful and effective TPM in any company.

Operating model

Each member shares his experiences gained and best practices developed to all TPM club members. At the same time, members collect comments, ideas and suggestions from people who are familiar to TPM philosophy. The communication between members could be direct or indirect through:

1. Business meetings

Could take place in units that implement TPM, during which an issue of common interest can be analyzed and presented, together with the practical implementation in the specific unit.

2.Access to the TPM club website

Best practices from club members and from international practice are systematically uploaded in the website. Social-scientific event meetings

3. Meetings at social-scientific events

Participation of TPM Club members in maintenance conferences and corresponding social events.

4. Direct communication between club members

Through the working groups, the acquaintance between the members is strengthened and the possibility of direct communication is offered.

How can I become a member

The Club is attended by executives who have a significant degree of familiarity with the tools and philosophy of TPM, so as to maintain a high level of interest of all participants. At the same time, however, it does not have a barrier, giving the opportunity to conscious executives to join the logic of TPM, and to apply it to their own company. Specifically, the following can participate:

Executives of companies that implement the TPM - Operational excellence tools

Executives of companies that have received TPM Manager training in order
to implement a similar project in their company

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