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Total Productive Maintenance

ATLANTIS Engineering applies a holistic method that transforms TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) into a road map for achieving World Class Manufacturing.

1. Methodology 

TPM pillars provide the structure to clarify and enrich everyone’s role, from the top management to the shop floor workers, by creating an efficient team without gaps and overlaps. Everybody knows what needs to be done and how to do it right from the first time.

2. Human Development

For us, the implementation of Autonomous Maintenance is not just the strict enforcement of rules and procedures. In order to get the 100% from every employee’s skill, potential and innovation capacity, a more holistic approach is required, combining the logical and emotional profile of every individual.

Following the steps of the global experience and best practices, we provide significant help to avoid pitfalls and deviations from the desired goals and objectives.

3. Zero losses  

Losses are one of the main enemies of every factory, reducing its efficiency and competitiveness. The classification and prioritization of the losses is the first step to build a systematic approach to eliminate them. The segmentation of every loss and the adoption of a continuous improvement culture, ensure an efficient and sustainable operation.

4. Tools

TPM tools “translate” a variety of scattered acronyms to valuable means of effectively achieving the elimination of losses. The effective exploitation of these tools requires continuous training, coaching and support of company’s TPM team during the whole implementation period.

5. Master plan 

A well defined and realistic Master plan provides a clear “road map” and helps to coordinate and align all team members behind the TPM targets and the project objectives. Along the main axes of the Master plan, detailed Action plans are developed to define the required tasks throughout the whole duration of the project.

6. Goals – Results 

The achievement of

  • 30% maintenance cost reduction,
  • 90% breakdowns reduction,
  • 0 accidents,
  • 40% spare parts stock level reduction

are not marketing promises, but tangible results of a successful TPM project.

7. TPM consulting

A specialized team with 15 years of experience in TPM is ready to support your company’s plans. The results from previous projects guarantee the fulfillment of your expectations.


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