• Strusctured recording of the equipment through the equipment table

  • Controlled cost

  • Monitoring department tasks

  • Controling and keeping track of preventative maintenance

  • Monitoring indicators for the improved function of the department

Get to know AIMMS’ features

Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Asset register

AIMMS Mobile

  • Task management

  • Warehouse spare parts management

Take the maintenance in your hands

  • New Request

    Declare a new failure in the equipment on the go, in 3 steps with voice typing, and document it by taking a photo.

  • End of a task

    Update the failure information, about its execution

  • Asset history

    Search for history of a machine and see how a problem has been solved in the past.

  • Sparepart consumption

    Quickly reserve spare parts in the warehouse for a failure

  • Inventory management

    Directly inform the software for the physical inventory of warehous

  • Deliveries

    Record directly the deliveries.

Why choose AIMMS;

High skilled support team

The software responds to the needs of all types of industries ( small, medium, big)

Fully functioning

Succesfull applications in 5 countries

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